Friday, October 14, 2011

Introductions, If You Please

Welcome to my new waste of time. It's where I, your friendly neighborhood AR [Aspiring Rationalist], will, in theory, solicit requests for aid or information from poor twisted-up bastards who need some hard, rational analysis of a problem without all the polite social niceties and with no respect for anything but the mother fucking truth.
Ask a question and I'll answer that bastard using the most straight up and down information I can cull and arrange from the data provided. This, of course, means that I can and will only take into account the information included in any given submission. So if you were to, say, send in a request for analysis that reads, "Dear ar, my boyfriend is a dick to me. What should I do?" I will blithely assume you have done the requisite work required to determine that he is in fact being a dick and it's not external factors or miscommunication or brain cancer, and will answer you thusly. "Dump his ass and be done with it."
If, however, I receive a detailed description of the situation including any thing and everything that might be a factor and all the other attendant shit that really goes on in a malfunctioning relationship I may well provide a significant psychological insight and a strategy or two for improving the relationship, and, who knows, maybe your whole damn life. Stranger things have happened.
Now you might be thinking to yourself, "writing something like that sounds hard to do." Well, fuck yeah it's hard to do. You think fixing problems is easy? (OK, sometimes it is, but those are usually easy problems). This shit takes work. Intentional, directed change is a hard thing to accomplish. On the upside it doesn't need to be well written, display good technique, or even have proper spelling or grammar and shit. Bullet points or Dostoevsky, it's all the same to me because all I need is the info.
Of course if your question is more on the practical or technical side say, "How do you give good head?" or "Is there a god?" you'll not need much detail, and are likely to get a well-rounded answer in short order. In this case the answer to the first question is you talk to the the person you plan to engage in oral sex with either apart from or at the time of said head and you ask them what they fucking like. It ain't rocket science, yo. As to the second question, I like that one as the answer saves lots of typing: no.
Right so that's the main point of this thing. I'll fill in more about myself some other time when I'm not supposed to already have been asleep for several hours.

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